Impossible Box 2.0 by Ray Roch

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Roch's thinking is really "Outside of the Box" when it comes to something so innocent as a little origami box built in front of the spectator in a matter of seconds out of just six playing cards. He then performs a diabolical chop-cup style routine without any magnets or gimmicks. Everything can be examined and even given away at the end of the routine. This is ideal for every close-up or walk-about situation.

In this DVD Ray teaches how to quickly build the card box, as well as giving away his in depth secrets, which turns the Impossible Box in to an amazing device for producing, vanishing and switching. Not only does Ray share two very magical and entertaining routines, but he also give you the ability to easily create an instant cost-nothing working prop that you can give away to the spectator as a souvenir.

Version 2 offers Ray's signature 'chop-cup' style routine that he fooled top magicians with at FFFF Convention when he performed it and for the first time Ray shares a revolutionary NEW move that makes it possible to do your favourite chop-cup routine without using any gimmicks. The design of the box allows for some very clever sequences that will fool your audience and keep them entertained.

CLOSE-UP & PLATFORM ROUTINE: Ray teaches his routine that can be performed at Trade-Shows, Restaurants or any close-up condition. You build a box from six cards and then produce a small object. This object is placed in your pocket but jumps back under the box. This is continued until you magically produce three large objects, such as an egg, die and lime.

WALK-ABOUT ROUTINE: Perform a chop-cup in the hands of a spectator without any tables. While the spectator is holding the box a ball jumps back and forth until three large objects are produced. This routine is ideal for any walk-about gig.

BONUS: bonus performance with a 3 year old - making this a very versatile routine for both adult and kid shows.
BONUS: Interview with Ray Roch on the history and background to this effect that he has been performing for over 20 years.

"I LOVE that trick. An "origami" sort of thing that isn't, a card sort of thing that isn't that either, and just great magic."
- Gene Anderson


"If you like the concept and want something different and unique to add into your sets, this would fit the bill nicely. "
Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz, MyLovelyAssistant 5/14/2015 Full Review

"I like tricks like this because you can leave a souvenir with the spectator. "
Costas, Reviewer 6/23/2015 Full Review

": I think this will appeal to a wide range of performers on all levels. Here is something that comes from a performers repertoire that they have been performing for almost 30 years so you know it is a well constructed and thought out routine. The fact you can perform it anywhere and anytime makes this a real winner for me."
Harry Monk, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 3/6/2015

"Ray Roch’s warmth and enthusiasm and an original application of an interesting origami style prop with the potential for a fast impressive walkabout effect. "
Stuart Bowie, MagicSeen Magazine 6/29/2015

"Ray Roch has been experimenting with this for over thirty years, ever since a fellow magician showed him the basic origami box idea. I think he can stop now, because this surely has to be the ultimate version."
Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine 6/30/2015

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