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Nothing unites two minds like love...
The effect is beautifully simple and straightforward: a spectator opens a book, chooses a page, thinks of a word - and you read their mind. This effect is enhanced by the fact that it looks just like a book of poetry - complete with table of contents, index, a forward by the editor, and editor's notes sprinkled throughout. It really stands up to close scrutiny. And, there are no dice to roll or cards to choose - at every stage the spectator has a real choice.

Incandescence is a highly intricate assemblage of gimmicks (there can be up to 12 phases!) It's easy to skip from one phase to another, using only the ones you like best. The skill level ranges from simple to intermediate, depending on the number of phases you choose to learn. And, the number and variety of phases gives you enormous flexibility in performing for repeat clients or at trade shows where there might be people lingering to watch the effect over and over. It's also great to perform for couples.

"Chris sent me a review copy of his new book test, Incandescence. I like book tests and this one is a great one! Chris took the time to really make this right. You can weave a lot of emotion into your presentation because of the design of the effect. I recommend this highly!"
- Richard Osterlind

"Incandescence is a beautiful, thoughtfully constructed effect. This being a book of love poetry, there are so many possibilities for the performer. The performance tips at the end of the manual are also very valuable words. Any mentalist who takes them to heart will benefit greatly!"
- Angela Funovits

"Want to add some romance to your act? How about your personal life? If you answer "yes" to either one of these, then you need to buy this book test!"
- Kevin Curtin, inventor of "Devil's Pitcher" and "Devil's Cola Bottle".

"Incandescence is a very impressive effort by writer/director/performer Chris Philpott. He has cleverly taken the premise of the book test and applied it to a genre of book (love poems) that contains inherent emotional meaning for the audience."
- Thomas Baxter, Mentalist and author (The Nail Writer Anthology).

"I believe that "Incandescence" has many new and original features that make it a significant contribution to the genre... 'Incandescence' is clearly well worth an investment of several times the selling price."
- Dick Christian, author of an upcoming encyclopedia of book tests



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