Inexhaustible Pack of Cards

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The magician removes a pack of cards from the box and places it onto the table. He then displays a credit card and as he flips through the deck, a member of the audience inserts the credit card wherever they like. The magician flips the pack over and spreads the cards on the table to see which one is next to the credit card. Let's say the spectator's selection is the 8 of Clubs. The magician then picks up the cardbox, opens it and tips out a small box of miniature cards from inside! He opens up the miniature pack and removes a single card which has been folded up into quarters-it's the 8 of Clubs! The normal deck of cards can be examined to show that the 8 is no longer there. Comes complete with special poker-size pack for Bicycle cards, the miniature deck and credit card.



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