Infra Red

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Let a spectator choose a playing card (or ESP card) " let's say the Eight of Hearts. The card is placed face up on the table. Show a small white disc on both sides to be blank (and it is!). You sign it on one side and the spectator signs it on the reverse side. The disc is then placed into the transparent Infra-Red Box. Because the box is transparent, both signatures can be seen on the disc. The spectator places the box onto the chosen card and makes a magical gesture. He then opens the box and drops out the disc. Strange as it may seem, the name of the playing card is now printed in a different color underneath the signature on one side of the disc! Everything can be immediately examined!" There is no switching of the disc or box!" The disc is clearly seen white on both sideswith only the signatures on it!" No writing gimmick is used!" Can be repeated with a different card!" You can make your own prediction withany symbol or card value you want!" No chemical inks used!



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