Insight Book Test by Keith Fields

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If you were fortunate enough to see Chuck Hickok perform this book test during his recent lecture tour, then you know how powerful this is. I have the last remaining copies of this book test and there will be no more. If you are a performing mentalist, this is an absolute MUST HAVE book test. A paperback book that can be tossed out freely and by getting one simple key word, you are able to divine a man's name, a woman's name, a date, a year, a month, an animal, and an occupation that are printed throughout the pages. This is absolutely the most free spirited book test ever. There are also three ways to get the key. Spectator freely selects any page. Versatile and powerful, this book test will create a sensation. Combined with the Mother of All Book Tests, you will have possibly the greatest book test routine of all time. This is recommended as one of the finest effects in all of mental magic.



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