Inspectable Sweat Box Escape by Cannon

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Remember the movie "Cool Hand Luke"? Specially designed and reserved for the "worst of the worst" prisoner is the SWEAT BOX! Constructed of heavy, unfinished plank wood, this PUNISHMENT DEVICE is barely large enough to allow the "prisoner" (escape artist) to even fit inside. And then once stuffed in, the very heavy door is SECURELY LOCKED SHUT THANKS TO AN AUTHENTIC, UNGIMMICKED JAIL LOCK. Yet somehow, some way, the performer escapes! And the door is still locked shut! Please note: THIS IS NOT A SUB-TRUNK, NOR DOES IT UTILIZE ANY TRADITIONAL "MAGIC METHODOLOGY". Thus, the escape is not instantaneous. But it IS designed to PASS THE MOST EXTREME, CLOSE-UP AND HANDS-ON EXAMINATION IMAGINABLE. Let the news media personnel climb inside WITH THE JAIL KEY and attempt an escape. Of course, they cannot, SINCE THE LOCK IS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE DOOR! Let them PHYSICALLY GRAB, AND ATTEMPT TO MOVE ANY PIECE OF WOOD, BOLT, HINGE, LOCK -- ANYTHING-- everything passes. Then have THEM lock the door and keep the key. All you need now is a little bit of privacy (curtain, inside another container, etc). With practice, you can be out in less than a minute with the Sweat Box COMPLETELY INTACT AND STILL LOCKED SHUT! Although brand new, this item is already being utilized in production. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT, SPECTACULAR, AND A REAL STUMPER-No sweat! Go with the Sweat Box! The perfect PUBLICITY device.SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM IS F.O.B. (FREIGHT ON BOARD) AND IS TO BE PAID BY PURCHASER TO THE FREIGHT CARRIER.



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