Ireland Yearbook Reader Volume One

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Each Year Ireland Magic Company published a Yearbook full of tricks and ideas. This comb book brings each yearbook for 1934 to 1950 in one volume. The ideas, stories and tricks in all the year books were simply great. There are over 300 individual items in this 345 page volume No matter what your special interest in magic is or what you are working on right now, you will find material to suit it. Over 300 items include:Hundreds of tricks to do. Many tricks and illusions to build, Manipulative routines of every type: Silk effects, rope tricks, coin routines, Card tricks, card manipulation, card sleightsKid show tricks of various kinds, Comedy routines, both sight effects and with patter,Rabbit and dove tricks, both routines and to build, Close up effects and pocket tricks, Mental and Psychic tricks, routines. And more! Spiral bound.



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