John Mulholland Book of Magic (Used 1963 Edition)

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This is the 1963 Scribner paperback edition of this book in very good condition.
Described by critic Edmund Wilson as "a topnotch magician-and one of the world's leading authorities on professional magic," John Mulholland was not only one of the most brilliant magicians of the 20th century, but at the time this book was first published, he was the only magician to be listed in Who's Who in America.

In this classic guide, he reveals many of his best-kept secrets, explaining what magic is and why it works, offering practical tips on practicing and how to avoid errors and stage fright.

At the heart of the text are detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for performing scores of tricks. Would-be magicians will soon be astounding friends, family and even large audiences with such card tricks as The Hungry Jackass-a feat that makes use of any easy memory device; seemingly extemporaneous tricks such as The Bread Winner, in which a coin vanishes and reappears inside a roll; tricks especially created to entertain youngsters; magical thought transference and other intriguing stunts such as Beelzebub's Letter, in which a letter mailed yesterday contains a coin borrowed today!

None of these tricks require sleight-of-hand; but you will need such common objects as a deck of cards coins, rings and string, paper napkins, matches and a dollar bill. Practitioners will find they can master some feats in just a few minutes after reading the instructions. Other tricks can be learned in an hour, or at most, after a few hours of practice



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