Jokers Wild by Rodger Lovins - Trick

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EffectAny playing card is selected and signed, returned to the deck and the cards are shuffled, cut and placed face down on the table. The performer tells the spectator that their signed card is now on the bottom of the shuffled deck of cards. The deck is turned face up to reveal the bottom card is the Joker. At this time the performer explains that Jokers are wild and it represents their signed selection. After a bit of "Joking around" the performer then picks up the card box and taps the deck. Instantly and visually the Joker changes into the signed selection. He then opens the card box to reveal the magical wild card has ended up inside the closed box. WOW! JOKERS ARE INDEED WILD! EASY TO DO FAST RESET NO HARD MOVES OR FANCY SLEIGHTS TO LEARN JUST REALLY GREAT MAGIC YOU CAN DOComes complete with illustrated instructions and Special Deck."Rodger Lovins has done it again. After seeing Jokers Wild performed, My first reaction was 'WOW!' If you want to fool people badly this is the trick for you. And best of all, the trick is self working. This is a magician's dream!"- Joan Caesar - President, Canadian Association of Magicians IBM International President 2008-2009"Once again Rodger Lovins' creative and magical mind has been hard at work. This effect is visual magic at it's best! Many possibilities with this one.""I love this effect! It has everything. Free selection. The spectator takes part by signing their name. No hard sleights. Great routine. Vanishes and appearances, as the Joker vanishes and their signed card appears. Transposition, as the Joker ends up inside the closed card box. Plus it is easy to do and very little reset. Thanks Rodger!""I just stand in front of the mirror, fooling myself, over and over. This is so cool. It just blows me away!"



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