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gftygfsuggestion, influence, and apparent "telepathic hypnosis". Since eight years of age, hypnosis and what seemed to be actual magical, mental powers fascinated Kenton. Over the decades, Kenton has created and developed certain secret methods - known to but a very few of Kenton's closest friends. These are the exact methods used by Kenton to create absolute awe and fascination in the minds of Kenton's clients. Kenton has guarded these concepts most jealously. Finally, the full story can be told. What was once legend and myth is now within the grasp of anyone who cares to study and apply these ingenious concepts. So, what is "Kentonism"? What can you do? With Kentonism you may appear to: Have a spectator slip into an altered state - just by looking at your business card! Cause a spectator to choose thoughts and objects based on subliminal suggestion Perform a full "hypnosis " type act, without having to learn or do hypnosis Write thoughts down on a pad of paper, then stand back, and watch as audience members are compelled to do these things! Apply telepathic and subliminal influence close-up or on stage Learn legitimate suggestion techniques, and innovative methods created by Kenton Includes special "subliminal" art designs to copy for your own business cards We know what you usually get. This is not a work that uses "all stooges". Of course not - this is KENTON. Kenton has incorporated linguistic deception, dual-reality, and actual suggestion into these unusual principles and applications. KENTONISM is a rare look into Mr. Knepper's most secret work. This material is NOT for the magic hobbyist. This material is NOT a way to get people to date you. This is the real secret work for thinkers and performers. This book is over 60 full size pages in length. Kenton wanted to be sure that this amazing work was well within the price range of most serious people. While he could have charged a great deal more for these methods, we are offering it for a real steal. The last time we said something like that was when "Wonder Readings" was available, and at only $100.00 - You know what it goes for these days... Get this before Kenton snaps out of his trance! Ask Us About These Other Kenton Knepper Items: BooksAn Enchanted EveningCompletely ColdCreating Material...Killer KonceptionsLive in LectureRants into RavesTidbits and TouchesWeerd EnoughWonder Readings WorkbookTricksBent CentCard TransformersAudio TapesWonder Words 1-3



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