Keymaster (DVD and Props) by Craig Petty and Wizard FX Productions - DVD

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1: Two keys are shown to the spectator
2: Spectator holds onto one of the keys
3: The hole in your key is visibly removed. 1st W.T.F moment!
4: Spectator discovers two holes in their key. 2nd W.T.F moment!
5: Spectator now holds onto your blank key
6: You visibly remove one of the holes from your key. 3rd W.T.F moment!
7: Spectator finds a hole in the shaft of their key. 4th W.T.F moment!
8: Everything can be examined! W.T.F
9: Precision made keys and an instructional DVD supplied.

KEYMASTER also comes with the additional GATEKEEPER routine using only one key.

"W.T.F. When is that out? I need this!"
- Alan Rorrison

"Well done on producing a MONSTER close-up effect. I saw you dem this in Blackpool. It's a knockout. The way you manipulated the hole was magnificent. I was shocked when you pulled it off in front of my eyes. I was even more amazed when you slid the hole down the shaft. You handed me your key to examine and although I thoroughly examined both the head and shaft I could find nothing untoward. I will be pulling this out to perform at every opportunity. Nice one Craig."
- Andi Peters - Magic Cafe Review

Running Time:
Approximately 42mins



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Reviewing: Keymaster (DVD and Props) by Craig Petty and Wizard FX Productions - DVD

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