King-King Rope Rings - Trick

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This is the King of the Linking Rope routines... and here is why " no snaps or magnets are used! Every rope can be examined!Wow, what an idea! Four pieces of rope are shown. Each piece has been tied into a circle" four rings of rope. The rings are counted, then mysteriously TWO LINK TOGETHER. Rings are handed to a spectator to examine. You now hold two single rings. WHAM! Your two rings are linked! The spectator is asked to duplicate your actions " your rings come free " his are still tied together! All the ropes can be examined! - but MORE still to come. Take the rings from the spectator and they become separate again. Then THREE rings become joined " finally all FOUR join together in a LONG CHAIN!EASY TO DO! Revolutionary method! This new method for performing what has become a classic trick surpasses all others from cleanness in working and EFFECT!We supply it complete with routine and all the high quality, thick red ropes.



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