Labelled and Relabelled Set by Ben Williams - DVD

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If you haven't gotten into Labelled by Ben Williams, NOW is your chance. This DVD set combines the instructional DVD Labelled with the 'ADD ON' DVD Re-Labelled that follows were Labelled was left. DVD ONE: LABELLED LABELLED takes visual street magic to the next level. Imagine being able to show an unopened and sealed bottle. You sign the label then visually with and open hand rub it through the bottle so its is now INSIDE the bottle! Sound Good? How about if the bottle REALLY is unopened and can be left with the spectator as an impossible souvenir? Ben Williams has taken a stunning magic effect and turned it into a visual street magic master piece for the working magician. LABELLED doesn't have to stop at your signature. You can write whatever you like on the label, a prediction, your website or even your contact details! It is limited only by your imagination! Visually Stunning - Angle Proof - Resets Easily Includes Bonus "Junior Labelled" the super quick set up version! DVD TWO: RE-LABELLED All New Handlings and Tips! Labelled is back and better than ever! RE-LABELLED is a new 'add on' DVD to follow on from where Labelled was left. Due to the success of Labelled and all the great feedback, Ben Williams has decided to release upon the magic community his own personal handling for Labelled in which the bottle can be viewed from all angels prior to the effect taking place. This means no more concealed 'get ready' a much fairer feel to the routine and the possibilities of setting it in seemingly 'impromptu' places is endless. Imagine if you set a bottle in a friend's fridge at a house party, or better still have a friend leave a bottle in a shop so you can go in and perform labeled on a cashier in a store! Also if that weren't enough taught on the DVD are 2 penetrations that require NO COVER at all. PLUS an extra special handling from the cheeky creative brain that is Gregory Wilson! Re-Labelled pushes the boundaries of this effect and opens up possibilities that weren't achievable with the original Labelled concept. Re-label yourself today! DVD ONE Running Time Approximately 31min DVD TWO Running Time Approximately 1hr 10min



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