Lance Burton, Secrfets of Magic DVD

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Includes 3 Full-Length Shows PLUS BONUS MENUS:

SECRETS UNVEILED - Watch as World Champion magician, Lance Burton, attempts a trick that even Houdini refused to perform due to the incredible danger. Join some of the world’s most famous magicians as they break their vow of silence to reveal their most coveted secrets in Secrets Unveiled

MASTER MAGICIAN: CODE UNBROKEN - With the blink of an eye, Lance makes elephants disappear, cars appear and pulls six beautiful women out of a suitcase-size trunk. All of these tricks and many other never-before-seen illusions, will mystify and baffle magic enthusiasts and fans alike in Code Unbroken

CHEATING DEATH - Right before your very eyes, Lance makes an alien UFO appear and transports six women and an alien pilot onto stage using a box barely large enough for a single human. Hold your breath as the master magician reveals the magic behind the magic and defies the laws of nature by Cheating Death.



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