Las Vegas Close Up by Paul Harris (Used 1978 1st Edition)

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Here is an original 1978 1st edition copy of Paul Harris' Las Vegas Close Up published by Chuck Martinez Productions This copy is complete with the dustjacket. and is in good condition..
Contents include 150 hardbound pages containing 22 Paul Harris items such as Pen-Ultimate, UnCanny, Stapled, PH Invisible Palm, Absorption, OverExposure, Invisible Rising Card, The Hard Way, Aero-Dynamic Dollar, Gambler vs Mentalist vs Magician, Cros Twist, Paper Chase, Tap Dancing Aces, Looy's False Count, New Twisted Collectors, Las Vegas Leaper, Silver/Slide, Korem's Card on Tie, Splits Unlimited, Cardisian's Blendo, Interlaced Vanish, and Perpetual Motion Coin Myth. Great cloe up magic by Paul Harris, Daniel Cros, Looy, Danny Korem, and more.



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