Laser Anywhere Volume 2 by Live Magic - DVD

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In the Volume 2 of "Laser Anywhere", Adrian mainly focuses on the manipulation of Mini-CD. You should find that the techniques of Mini-CD and CD are totally different, and Adrian will show you every single technique of Mini-CD Manipulation including Palming, Transposition, Transformation, etc. Through the clear explanation of Adrian, you are able to learn all of the techniques step by step easily. You can even apply all the techniques in the Jumbo Coin manipulation."Adrian Man has updated many of the classic sleight of hand techniques for modern audiences. His CD manipulation DVD's are among best teaching materials available. I recommend them to all the serious students of the art of stage manipulation". - Jeff McBride Las Vegas HeadlinerLaser Anywhere Volume 2 contains these incredible effects: Mini-CD Tenkai Palm Mini-CD Perfect Palm Mini-CD Back Palm Mini-CD Tenkai Production Mini-CD Perfect Production Mini-CD Tenkai Multi-Production Mini-CD Perfect Multi-Production Mini-CD Back Palm Vanish & Production Mini-CD Split Production Mini-CD Toss Vanish Mini-CD Retention Vanish Mini-CD Transfer Transposition #1 Transposition #2 Mini-CD Transposition CD to Mini-CD with CD Case Ball to Mini-CD Mini-CD Acquitment Mini-CD RoutineEnglish/Cantonese Version with English SubtitleRunning Time Approximately 55minClick on the following thumbnail image to get a full-size printable flyer for the Laser Anywhere Volume 2 DVD!



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