Laughter Legacy by David Ginn

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In 1994, comedy magician Gene Gordon died at the age of 90, leaving David Ginn with his comedy notebooks. Upon reading the handwritten pages, David discovered hundreds of jokes, gags and one-liners that he had never heard! Lots of very funny stuff! So, David went to work organizing and editing the comedy lines, adding new ones and updating old ones, plus eliminating those no longer funny or out of vogue. This book is the result of two years of work, aided by a dozen funny friends, relatives and teachers, including Gene's wife Ruth. Adding to the fun are 15 cartoons by magic-artist Ed Harris.If you are a Magician, Comedian, Storyteller, MC, Public Speaker or any else who wants to make people laugh, this book is for you! Over 1300 jokes, gags, one liners, quips, remarks and bits of comedy wisdom. 40 Chapters, categorized for different situations and types of remarks. 224 pages. Hardbound.



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