Lecture Notes by Mathieu Bich

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From Mathieu Bich comes seven most unusual card effects. The effects are so unusual that they are difficult to explain.
The first effect titled "Red Tape" is based on a principle that allows you to make a SIGNED playing card become blank even allowing the spectator to check the face of the card when it is signed. The plot is that a card is selected, then it is magically "split" right down the middle, and then restored using red tape. Then the entire deck goes blank including the spectator's signed selection.
The second titled "Fax Message" allows a blank card to be placed on top of a card box, a match thrown into the card box, a flash of fire, and the name of a selected card visibly appears burned on the blank card.
The third effect titled "Marie Antoinette" allows you to cause the head of a Queen to vanish off of the card leaving a hole where the head was. This head now appears pasted on the back of another card.
"Mental Painting" is a strange prediction of a freely named card using modern art and some marking pens.
"Frozen Waterfall" really looks strange. You weave the cards together and begin to spring them back into the hand in "waterfall" fashion. The springing actually freezes to a stopped position part way through the springing action and it is seen that the last card that fell into the hand is the selected card.
"The Buttons" involves the revelation of a card selected by removing your shirt. As you unbutton your shirt the buttons on the shirt begin to change colors, yes change colors. Finally a duplicate of the selection appears on your back. Shirt can be examined after the color changing of the buttons.
"Moving Hole" is an effect where a hole is actually punched through a card using a hole puncher. It is a real hole. You then move the hole to various positions. Then the hole multiplies and the holes appear in positions that they had not previously moved to. Finally the card appears with seven holes in it and the card is given for examination.
Well, I told you these effects were different.



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