Light Fantastic Jay Scott, DVD

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Imagine being able to show your hands empty and produce a sparkilng point of brilliant light. You toss it freely from hand to hand; it twinkles and shines as it changes color, vanishes and reappears at your fingertips. Dream it and Believe it! All this and much more is possible, with the amazing Finger Fazers and the Light Fantastic DVD! A powerful, self contained marvel that's so small, you can palm it like a coin, yet so bright that its beam can be seen for over a mile! Finger Fazers can be used from close up to stage nd take you well beyond a light inside a thumbtip. In a clear, easy-to-follow, visual style, Jay leads you step-by-step from the basic palms and techniwues to advanced handling; onto magical transformations and multiple light productions. Everything you need to master the magic of light!



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