Magic Bingo by Mark Wilson - Trick

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EffectLike any Bingo game, the first player to get five numbers in a row wins, except for one major difference" and this is the powerful secret: Everyone Wins at the Same Time... Shouting the Same Winning Words! This is always the loudest sound ever heard whenever the game is played. The players are all surprised and delighted, great camaraderie is created and the event becomes a dynamic celebration filled with enthusiastic participants. Here's what it will do for you:Adds a powerful segment to any performance.Jump-starts the audience as the opening; great in the middle, or makes a sensational closing. The "winning word(s)" are dynamite!Can be the client's new advertising theme or the birthday party honoree's name. Everyone receives your name and contact information.When it is on the back of the Magic Bingo cards everyone remembers their favorite magician. It's the world's easiest up-sell.You can charge an additional fee for Magic Bingo at any event.Comes Complete with:100 Magic Bingo Cards - which all win at the same time Complete DVD & Written Instructions - for playing the game Bingo Call Numbers - to select from Secret Call List - that makes it work Ideas - add even more impact Important Tips - make each game a tremendous success The Special Gimmick - Presents Magic Bingo as a baffling magic trick 



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