Magic By Gosh by Al Goshman and Patrick Page, 1st ed

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Here is an original 1985 true first edition of this book complete with original red slipcase.
In the history of magic books, it would be difficult to find a much better book on the art of close-up magic than this one. Here is the Al Goshman close-up show, all laid out and described in detail. Contents include the biography of Al Goshman, Words of Wisdom, The Act and the setup, Salt & Pepper Shaker, Copper/Silver, Sponge Balls, Coins Thru Table, Chink-A-Chink, Spiked Coin, Winged Silver, Coin in Glass, Nudist or Mental Photography Deck, Devano Rising Cards, Cards Thru Newspaper, Card in Purse, Glass Thru Table, A.G. (Benson) Bowl Routine, Vanish of 10 Coins, and a complete treatise on sleights including Clink Pass, Get Ready Palm, Loading a Coin, Tenkai Vanish, Throw Switch, and Toss Vanish. When Al Goshman sat down to perform, it was not just a bunch of tricks but rather a full show. Learn how to make your close-up magic special!!!



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