Magic for Beginners 2 by Harry Baron

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Right before your very eyes, Magic for Beginners 2 shows you all the secret tricks and sleight-of-hand effects you need to perform mystifying feats of magic. These are under your nose, how did you do that tricks that will entertain your audience and confound your friends from an arm's length away.
These tricks are simplicity itself; they use items found in your pocket or around the house. Even better, you can perform many of the tricks without any preparation. No matter what your skill level, with this book you can master telepathic and mind-reading magic, spectacular illusions, and other baffling tricks like:
Card on Ceiling, Quick Four Ace, Vanishing Glass, Super Normal Strength, Newspaper Prediction, Living and Dead, Indestructible String, Hamburg Rope Trick, The Creeper, Shrinking Money, Stapled Coin, Balancing Match, Fabulous Paddle Move, Mechanic's Ghost, The Mark, Three Little Cups, Mystery Knots, Ribbon Penetration, and 40 others.
Written by Harry Baron, a professional trick inventor and magician.
160 paperback pages.



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