Magic of Jeff McBride - DVD

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Jeff McBride's extraordinary magic, mask, myth, drama and illusion reflects his lifelong study of magic's multi - cultural oots. On this DVD, McBride, the world - renowned performer and mater storyteller, teaches you the inside secrets of his professional working repertoire. McBride, named Magician of the Year by The Magic Castle in Los Angeles, is recognized as a foremost innovator in contemporary magic. He was voted critics' choice as Best Magician in Las Vegas. Millions of people around the world have been thrilled by McBride's work both live and on television. He is featured on the PBS documentary, The Art of Magic, and is the star of The Mysteries of Magic on The Learning Channel This follows McBride's featured appearance on ABC's Champions of Magic, World's Greatest Magicians for NBC, and as guest star on Fox TV's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in the role of Joran, created especially for him. He is a regular headliner in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and major show palaces worldwide. In addition to his work as a performer, McBride is a much sought - after lecturer and workshop leader for such diverse groups as The Smithsonian, The Disney Institute, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians and others. McBride is founder of The Mystery School, a conference for the advanced study of the magical arts (and subject of an acclaimed 1994 CBC - TV documentary hosted by Arthur Kent).Now the best of McBride lecture/performances has been captured by L & L on this special DVD. It shows McBride performing magic for an intimate audience ... McBride revealing an aspect of himself and his magic that many of his fans may not have seen before, performing magical pieces with common objects which are within the range of any performer. McBride shares his insights and teaches you every nuance and subtlety of each of the pieces performed on the first tape. Not only the techniques, but how and why he came up with his presentations for each, and how you can do the same to make your magic truly personal, unique and powerful in your own way.This revolutionary teaching format provides the buyer with a new way to share your magic tapes with your friends. You can show the first part to all your friends - magicians and non - magicians alike. The second part contains the secrets - for magicians only!McBride in Concert, Up Close & Personal - Volume 1Jeff's "Commando" Card Manipulation Act; McBride's Super Candle; Living Flower Production; "Silas and the Slickers" - Gambling Routine; Inflation - Balloon & Ball Manipulation; "Kundalini Rising"; Close - Up Water Fountain Production; The Tarot Reading; "The Greatest Illusion Ever Created...Money" - Torn & Restored Bill; Jeff's Grand Finale Card Manipulation Act; Michael Ammar Interviews Jeff McBride; Including - How did Jeff get started in magic? Who were Jeff's mentors? How did Jeff put together his act? What books influenced Jeff?The Inner Workings of McBride's Magic - Volume 2McBride's Super Candle; Bob Read's Bottle Production; Traveling Flame; Living Flower Production; One - Handed Match Lighting; A Match - Lighting Gag; "Silas and the Slickers" by Elmer Applegit; Ammar/McBride Interview #1; Inflation - Preparation & Performance; Balls from the Mouth; Egg from Balloon; Billiard Ball from Balloon; Ammar/McBride Interview #2; "Kundalini Rising" - The Work; Creeping Card Effect - Pierre Kuntzmann; Ammar/McBride Interview #3; The Water Fountain; Ammar/McBride Interview #4; The Tarot Reading - Secrets; Ammar/McBride Interview #5; Torn & Restored Bill - Method; Ammar/McBride Interview #6.



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