Magic of Slydini and More (Used 1976 Banned edition)

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The banned edition of this great two volume set on the magic of Slydini. This set of books had to be pulled from the market due to copyright infringement. Approximately only 125 copies of this edition were ever released before they were pulled from the market and re-titled "Best of Slydini and More."This is the original 1976 first edition of this set of two volumes on Slydini published by Louis Tannen. reprint. Both of these volumes are originals with black leather binding and in very good condition. Here is a great two volume hardbound book set on the magic of Slydini. The first volume is 108 pages of text featuring a biography, basic precepts, easy routines and moves, basic moves, fundamental concepts of Slydini's magic, applying his concepts, more Slydini moves, the purse frame, two cigarette routines, Slydini's coin classics, Helicopter Card, Paper Balls Over the Head, Close Up Cigarette Production, new card moves, Paper Balls in the Box, and a bonus chapter on the Gypsy Thread, Glass of Water Production, and the Slydini Switch. The second volume is 126 pages of actual photographs showing each and every move taught in the first volume so you can follow along as you read and learn.



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