Malini Egg Bag by Pauline Tong

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Made from high quality, lightweight, black Crepe de Chine. If you ever saw Charlie Miller or Johnny Thompson perform their versions of the Malini Egg Bag - you KNOW what a GREAT trick it is.
Use with a blown egg.(NOT SUPPLIED)

". . . the Egg Bag I ordered has arrived . . . it really is a work of art . . . the gimmick is so good I actually find myself losing the egg (and I know where it is). Many thanks." - Tom Hughes

"I wanted to tell you I think Pauline's Malini Egg Bag is great; light, beautifully sewn, loads and unloads easily . . . I couldn't imagine a better one." - Robin Robertson

"My wife does a lot of sewing and is an accomplished seamstress. She took one look at the products you sent and said 'These are beautifully made.' Then she picked up the Gag Bag and said, 'I'm glad I don't make these'."
- Jeremy LePoidevin - Practical Magic

"I am ordering another Malini Egg Bag. EXCELLENT PRODUCT! That's why I want another one." - K. Figg UK

"The package arrived today. It is exactly the high quality product that I was looking for." - Aurelio Paviato
Full Time Professional Magician; F.I.S.M. winner; 1st Place Close-Up 1982, Lausanne, Switzerland; Member: Spanish Magic School

"The Egg Bag is a dream, the quality is just superb . . . it practically works itself " - Ian Baxter Australia



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