Manchurian Approach

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Whether it is to satisfy a fascination with hypnosis, the desire to mix hypnosis with your magic or you want to be able to perform impromptu hypnotism this DVD is for you.Aimed at amateur and professional magicians and mentalists, this unique DVD is aimed solely at performance hypnosis. As well as interview-style explanations and training we include footage of taking these skills to the street and public bars. You will gain the confidence, attitude, patter and techniques required to excel includinHandshake InductionHypno ForceHypno PeekCovert Pre-showReverse Mind ReadingAnthony Jacquin has over ten years experience as a hypnotist and is the author of the best-selling book: "Reality is Plastic - The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis" On "The Manchurian Approach" he shares a new genre of magical performance. Mixing his love of mentalism with his hypnotism skills, together with Kev Sheldrake he has created a performance style and technique capable of producing some of the most mind-blowing mental effects.On this three-disc set you will learn, in detail, Anthony's approach to impromptu hypnosis - no prior knowledge is required - the first part of this set will guide you through everything you need to know in order to become the hypnotist. The second part takes the format of a discussion forum where Anthony is joined by mad genius, Kev Sheldrake and fellow hypnotist and magician Amit Badiani. In this section you will get a detailed look at some of the principles and applications of the techniques taught to magic and mentalism performances.Hypno forces and hypno peeks are examples of the covert pre-show techniques that are available to a hypnotizing mentalist. The Reverse Mind Reading effect takes these concepts a step further, producing an unlimited ability to read a mind with the minimum of hypnotic pre-show work.ConceptsBecome The Hypnotist. Learn an observation/attitude-based hypnosis model.Learn how to perform with hypnosis. Apply it to magic and mentalism.No history and theory lessons. Just tuition and demonstrationMixture of interview-style discussions and public performances.ContentsPart 1:Through clear demonstrations you will learn a solid but flexible approach to hypnotizing. This is covered in detail in the following segments:Introduction and approaching a groupSubject selectionSet UpThe set piece - magnetic hands, magnetic fingers & the heavy cardInductions - eye to hand fixation and the handshake inductionFractionationTestingRe-InductionSuggestionCatalepsyCorpsingAmnesiaPart 2:Further explanation and demonstration to cover in-depth more specialized knowledge and the applications of hypnosis to specific genres of magic and mentalism includinHypno ForcesHypno PeeksHallucinationsControlPost-Hypnotic ActManaging reactionPermanosisCovert pre-show applicationsReverse mind readingThis will be put into the context of typical magic settings including impromptu, street, walk around, stage and TV. Also included are in-depth discussions on how to practice, what to do if it does not seem to be working and important health and safety and performance information and tips.Also included are three bonus PDF documents that expand on some of the ideas covered on the DVD's as well as some further techniques and routines.With five hours of tuition, live performance and in-depth explanations, this three-disc set is bound to become a definitive classic for a new and exciting genre of performance that blends magic, mentalism and hypnosis. So order your copy of "The Manchurian Approach" today!REVIEWS"The Manchurian DVD is a marvelously well produced DVD. One of the best I have seen...This is the best DVD set I have ever seen on hypnosis...This is a fantastic DVD set. "Christian, MyLovelyAssistant 2/19/2010 Full Review"The DVDs, using two cameras and with the usual excellent Alakazam production, are a good grounding in hypnotism for magicians, and, in the end, deliver exactly what they promise."Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine 10/1/2009



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