Matchic by Martin Gardner

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Seventy impromptu tricks with wooden and paper matches, written by Martin Gardner.
A penny box of matches, a copy of "Match-ic," and you're all set to do some of the most fascinating magic you've encountered in a long time. It may be on a Lilliputian scale, but the work presented in "Matchic" is "all there"-for cleverness, ingenuity and adaptability.
This is just the sort of thing you business men want-a bit of magic you can pick out of your pocket as you light your cigar or cigarette. Pave the way to a friendly contact with your client or customer by interesting him in a magic trick before talking business.
And for the dinner table-or the luncheon-there isn't any diversion that interests and fascinates like these little match tricks. Everybody at your end of the table will be engrossed in you-if you do something else with your matches besides dropping them in the ash tray.
The close up man will want this book because, no matter how much he thinks he knows about match tricks, there's a new one for him in "Matchic."
"Matchic" is full of magic, gags, laughs, tricks that have never before appeared in print. Learn about the Roly Poly Box, the Kiddie Kar Gag, the Smoke From Nowhere, and the hand over hand routine-70 impromptu tricks in all.
Martin Gardner wrote this book while a student at the University of Chicago. He sorted out hundreds of gags and tricks to compile this choice lot of tricks with matches. If you don't have this book, it is a must along with Martin's latest, "Encyclopedia of Impromptu Tricks." None of these tricks included. Fully illustrated.



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