Matrix Mirror - Trick

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EffectThe magician shows the audience a large framed mirror. They can watch and touch it from both sides. A black sack is placed over middle of the mirror. The spectators can still see the mirror protruding from both sides of the sack. A silk is produced and the performer pushes it through center of the sack and mirror. He then pulls the rest of the silk out from behind the mirror! But this is only the first wonderful effect!Now the spectators notice the sack is bulging and stretching as something moves between the mirror and the black fabric. Suddenly the magician's hand POPS out through the mirror and the sack! He wiggles his fingers and pushes his arm forward about 5 inches. Turning his body to the left the audience can see that his arm is penetrating the mirror! The magician pulls his arm out from the mirror and removes the sack to reveal that the mirror is perfectly unharmed!The audience can be shown both sides and touch the mirror.Comes complete with Matrix Mirror, 18 page, full-color, photo-illustrated instruction book and padded, wooden carrying case.Dimensions Approximately 19" x 14 1/2" (48.25cm x 36.75cm) 



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