Memento by Daniel Madison - Trick

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Memento is a special deck of cards that brings a myriad of performance possibilities to a range of performers from card magicians to mentalists. The effect comes with a routine that explores the darker side of psychology and the paranormal as you take your spectators on a journey into clairvoyance and the reality of the afterlife. A deck of cards is introduced and held by the spectator. It is told that the performers' aunt worked as a clairvoyant and that a few days before her unfortunate death, she had signed her name across her favorite playing card within the very deck held by the spectator. The spectator is then asked to think hard and to try to pick up which card in the deck is signed by the deceased aunt. Upon naming the card, the deck is spread and the thought of card is then found to be the only card in the deck with the signature of the performers' deceased aunt. Any card can be named and all other cards are shown to be blank. The deck comes with many more performance ideas and these are limited only by your own imagination. Comes complete with a deck of cards and 8-page Saddle Stitched Instruction Manual.



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