Mini Boxed Queen Mystery by Keith Lack - Trick

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EffectAn empty black box is shown to the spectator. Both the lid in the front and the lid on the top are opened to reveal an empty black chamber. The lids are then closed.With a magical pass of his hand, the performer opens the top of the box and removes a tiny deck of playing cards. The box is then shown to be empty once again. The lids are closed, and the deck is shuffled. The spectator is asked to select a card. After the spectator has chosen a card, the card is placed back into the deck, and the spectator shuffles the deck until thoroughly satisfied that the card is indeed lost in the deck.The performer makes another magical pass over the cards and begins turning the cards face-up one at a time. "Tell me when I get to your card," he says. The selected card never turns up! At that point, the cards are moved to the side and the box is turned around. The top lid is opened, and their card, the Queen of Hearts, is removed from the box. The Queen is placed in the performer's pocket, and the box is opened and offered for close-up inspection.The box may also be used as a production piece. The load chamber will hold small silks, ribbon, etc...NOTE: Small playing cards not included. A normal deck of cards may also be used in the routine but will not be produced from the box.Box Dimensions (WxLxH) Approximately 2 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 2" (6cm x 9.5cm x 5cm)



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