Miracle Methods Two by Jean Hugard & Fred Braue

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"A treatise on the science and art of the stock, cull, odd-number, and cull-stock shuffles. Presenting the Braue system, bringing these useful stratagems within the reach of every performer, together with a full description of a number of brilliant card feats made possible by this amazingly simple system."


2. Introduction
3 The Overhand Shuffle

5 The Stock Shuffle
7 Tricks with the Stock Shuffle
7 - Two in One
8 - Easy Skill
9 - Ace in the Hole
9 - The Transparent Cards
10 - Lucky Seventh
10 - A Mindreading Feat

12 The Odd-Number Stock Shuffle
14 Tricks with the Odd-Number Stock Shuffle
14 - The Obliging Cards
14 - The Book Test
15 - The Silver Trick

16 The Cull Shuffle
19 Tricks with the Cull Shuffle
19 - A Year in Your Life
19 - The Flying Cards

21 The Cull-Stock Shuffle
23 Tricks with the Cull-Stock Shuffle
23 - Blind Man's Poker



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