Miracles of Suggestion book Kneppe

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Kenton Knepper is well-known for his work on suggestion and its application to magic and mentalism. In Miracles of Suggestion, Kenton reveals simple and profound examples of exactly how suggestion can be used in real-world performance situations. More than a few performers are a little disappointed that Kenton gave up this much inside information, but Kenton hopes this booklet will excite more performers into considering how the power of suggestion may be applied to their work.There is more here than just theory-you will learn the practical application of these miraclous principles to achieve effects like:Appearing as if you have erased a thought from a spectator's mind Forcing someone to choose a particular card, even though they get to shuffle, cut and choose all by their own hand! Miracles of Suggestion also contains Kenton's ingenious work on equivoque or "The Magician's Choice". You will also learn "The Subconscious Book Test" and Kenton's finger ring routine in which the rings bend while on the table!This is the work Kenton is famous for, and now made more direct than ever.Staplebound, 29 pages.



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