Miser Miracle by Bob Solari

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Supplied with a stainless steel mini coin pail, a giant size half dollar coin 3" in diameter and a normal half dollar incorporated into a special gimmick. The illustrated instruction sheet explains the routine and walks the performer through the two 'moves' involved in working the effect.

Performer is seen holding a stainless steel mini coin pail. Performer reaches in the air, plucks out a half dollar which is heard when thrown into the cup. This is repeated 6 or 7 times. Performer makes an upward toss motion with cup, out comes a 3" half dollar. Performer ends clean. Simple to do. The gimmick does the work, No sleight of hand, Learn in minutes, Can be performed close-up or on stage, Used by professionals world wide.


"As soon as we started playing with this; it's going in my next show."
Mark Shortland, Wizard Product Reviews 9/24/2014

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