Mogar Knife From Purse by Joe Mogar

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The knife comes from inside this very small Miniature White purse that has just been taken out of another small black purse... This is the perfect way to start your knife routine. This is a great surprise and mystery.

We have secured a quanity of purses that are ideal for working with knives or cigars. Nice Velveteen material. Easy to work with and they look excellent. Show a small purse and ask spectator to guess what is inside. they usually say a coin.You open and show a very small Mini purse. Ask again to guess what is inside. They usually say a dime or another purse. You open the purse and produce your standard size 3" knife. This is great surprise and is a perfect start for your knife routine....I always start this way...You receive a Small Black Purse and a very small White Color Mini Purse with the special work and instructions. Price $25.00



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