Monte 3.0 Gordon Bean & MagicLab

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Starting with a bang, the effect builds to a killer climax, After a very clean transposition of a red ace and a black two -- happening right on a spectator's hand -- you'll be holding three cards face down. Though the audience will be convinced that these are a red ace and a pair of black twos, they will actually be three red aces, and you'll be able to deal these directly onto the spectator's hand. No extra cards. No cards stuck together. All fully examinable. And when you put the cards back into your breast pocket you'll be completely reset. Even though no complicated sleight of hand is required, the lavishly photo-illlustrated instructions will guide you through every moment of the brief routine. It's like having Gordon right there, alongside you, teaching you in person.Brand-New Gimmick No table Needed Magic Happens in the spectator's hand Cards are Fully Examinable No Complicated Sleight of Hand Instant Reset Comes Complete with Cards Printed on Bicycle Stock



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