My Week With A Stripper by Bill Goldman

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From the book's INTRODUCTION:

I just spent a titillating week with a stripper. DECK, that is. And did I get lucky!

I always carry a deck of cards. This week, I grabbed a deck, put it in my pocket and away I went. It took half a day for me to realize it was a stripper deck. Until now, I thought a stripped deck was like a Svengali deck - something for beginners. A pitchman's product, something you buy at a flea market.

The more I used the deck, the more possibilities came to light. Forces, controls, demonstrations of skill, impossible locations. At the Florida State Convention, I fooled magician after magician, not once using the standard pitch routines or handlings.

The first effect really excited me. I developed it while driving my car and interestingly enough, without the deck in hand. I visualized it over and over wondering if it would really work. Does it ever! Is it worth the price of this book? For me, it's worth a dozen books.

What follows is the naked truth laid bare - it's my week with a Cincinnati stripper.
- Bill Goldwin

Among the book's contents are:


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For more than two decades Bill Goldman has been "wowing" crowds at trade shows and impressing guests at sales meeting and hospitality suites. His rare blend of comedy and magic has entertained audiences around the world, and his list of clients reads like a Fortune 500 Who's Who.

In addition to performing his unique magic on American television and the BBS, his magical creations are performed by many of the World's Greatest Magicians.

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