Neat And Tidy (With DVD) by Wayne Fox - Trick

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View Clip EffectA jumbled mass of rubber bands instantly snap together to build a neat and tidy rubber band ball that can be dropped on the table or handed out to your spectators. Neat & Tidy is perfect for any rubber band routine. It creates a stunning effect out of the 'down time' moment when you introduce your rubber bands to the audience. As well as providing 'magic along the way' Neat & Tidy can act as both an opener or closer for your routine! QUESTIONS and ANSWERS IS THIS EASY TO PERFORM?Yes! Neat & Tidy comes with a special device that does all the hard work for you. If you can hold a mess of rubber bands in your hand, you can perform Neat & Tidy. Wayne Fox teaches you in detail, walking you through the method and presentations, then concentrates on the little details, tips and variations, that can raise your persentation of this effect to the best it can be. WILL I NEED TO BUY OR MAKE ANYTHING ELSE TO START PERFORMING?NO! Neat & Tidy comes complete with everything you need! Not only do you get the special high quality device and a mass of rubber bands that do all the work, we also include the handmade rubber band ball, saving you HOURS of work putting your own one together! I DON'T PERFORM ANY RUBBER BAND MAGIC. IS THIS STILL OK FOR ME? YES! Neat & Tidy is a perfect introduction into this field of magic. Rubber bands are familiar objects to an audience, and many of us remember making rubber band balls as kids, so the magic has MEANING to your audience. You can use Neat & Tidy as a stand along effect or use it to enhance your band magic. The DVD's 'Band Shark' and 'LINK' are recommended for those wanting to add more rubber band magic to their skill base. I'M A PROFESSIONAL MAGICIAN, IS THIS SUITABLE?YES! The angles are perfect, it's an instant reset, the rubber ball is examinable, no preshow set-up is required, and its been tried and tested 'in the trenches'. The ball also makes a perfect chop cup load! Self Resetting Perform Surrounded Instantly Repeatable Complete with Instructional DVD "Neat & Tidy is visually stunning, a great way to end any rubber band routine!" - Marc Oberon "Neat & Tidy is 'A close-Uppers DREAM' It's Instant Magic, Instantly resetable and gets a fantastic reaction." - Andy Clockwise



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