Northbound by Sean Fields - DVD

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Pushing the boundaries of conventional magic, Sean Fields presents Northbound.Ring Flight.Redefined.The original Ring to Necklace just got better! Imagine borrowing a spectators ring, and causing it to vanish, only to have it IMMEDIATELY reappear on your necklace! Imagine being able to do this without wires, reels, pulls, magnets, or thread. Eclipsing what can be accomplished with a gimmick, this TECHNIQUE is simple, elegant, and practical. This has been one of Sean's most sought after effects, absolutely stunning some of the worlds BEST magicians.Key points:NO thread, wires, magnets, pulls, reels, NOTHING! The ring is ALWAYS under your control and safe. The ring can be both SEEN and FELT on your necklace, UNDER your shirt, BEFORE your hands go ANYWHERE near the necklace. ANGLEPROOF. The basic concept is SO simple, you can adapt various elements of the routine to better suit your style. INSTANT RESET.Any ring. Any necklace. Anywhere. Any time.This is the ring flight you have been waiting for! Northbound - The revolutionary ring flight!Also taught on the disc is Sean's handling of the Gypsy Thread effect, Threadbound. Magicians worldwide have hailed Sean's handling of this classic as "brilliant' and "stunning'.In Threadbound, the effect happens almost ENTIRELY in the spectators hands! Picture this:The spectator unwinds a length of thread from a spool, rips it into several pieces, and balls it up. The magician tightens the ball of thread and hands it back, and his hands are seen UNMISTAKABLY EMPTY. The spectator then unravels the thread, and it is RESTORED! What people are saying about 'Northbound':"Sean Field's Northbound is the kind of trick that I would have created. It's practically impromptu & unbelievably powerful." - Wayne Houchin"My ring... But it was... You were holding... How did... Your necklace... I didn't... Wrath of Kahn...Mega Blocks... Twizzler Candy... AAAAAAAAARGH!!!"- David Acer"I've been performing a version of Koran's Ring Flite for years so I'm a little upset with Sean for making learn something new."- Nathan Kranzo"Northbound is basically too cool for school! Old school that is! It is new school visual and actually a fun trick to do! That is a rare thing nowdays. I should not have to tell you get this."- Tony MillerRunning Time Approximately 44min



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