On the Shoulders of Giants by Roger Crosthwaite

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On The Shoulders of Giants is the first of an intended series that looks at some of the giants of magic and the influence they have had on our magical thinking and performance today. The first of these focuses on Harry Houdini and looks at three aspects of his performing persona: The Mindreader, The Gambler and The Magician.Routines include: Tribute To Houdini, Bottom Deal Demonstration, Tribute To Houdini 2, Poker Interchange, Australian Aces, Houdini Mind Power, Reset and much more.Please note that this is a DVD-R and might not play on all machines. The accompanying 54-page booklet includes contributions by Allan Ackerman, Peter Duffie, Bob Farmer, Dan Harlan and Ed Marlo. Produced by Magick Enterprises. Original release date: September 2004. Running time: Approximately 180 minutes. 



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