One, The No Chair Chair Prediction by Will Tsai

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One - No Chair Chair Routine by Will TsaiTranslate directly from Will Tsai's World Asia lecture note. This is as close to the real thing...A few words from Will"This is my approach to the classic chair routine without using chairs. The outcome is extremely clean and as close to the real thing. This is the first time that I am sharing all the workings, psychology, techniques and details to the community. Hope you enjoy it."WILL TSAIEffect ::This is a complete chair routine with no chairs and no work... but ONE prediction inside of a transparent envelope which is given to a spectator prior to the show. With the prediction visible to everyone, it is impossible to incorporate any tricky business. In fact, there is none!The performer invites four random spectators to come up on stage. Each spectator is given a reading of their personality, and a color that represents their personality is assigned to each of them. Amazingly, the readings are accurate and colored papers that represent their personality are given to them to hold at chest level. The spectators are then instructed to move and swap their position amongst each other at free will for several times. Each time they swap, a different color combination is created, much like lock combinations. By altering the stage image as a whole at free will, the outcome is unpredictable. When the spectators are satisfied and finally come to a stop, the performer addresses how he is able to interpret each person's personality through the use of color. Everything he has done up on stage has delivered a hidden message. If the performer's interpretations were correct and each spectator has picked up the subtle information using their subconscious mind, they have a chance of unlocking the hidden message. Any misinterpretations the spectators make will destroy the entire outcome.Before the show started, a prediction was given to someone to hold in a transparent envelope. Now that prediction is under everyone's attention. The performer takes the prediction out and shows it to his audience. Surely, it has all the colors matching the positions of the participants on stage. The audience has successfully cracked the code and the performer has done it again!Some Hightlights :: The prediction is in full view inside of a transparent envelope from the beginningNo switchesNo confederatesNo gimmicked envelope. In fact, no envelope is even needed!The prediction is the one and only usedHere are what people are saying about ONE Michael Weber"I like what you have!"Bill Cushman "Will Tsai's "ONE" is a perfectly charming and immensely deceiving combination of old and new principles. I'm glad to have this and so will you! "Greg Arce "NICE!"Paul Harris"Your version seems to be just about as clean as anyone could imagine. Beautiful idea. " 



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