Original 1926 Houdini Buried Alive 8 Sheet Poster

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In a jealous response to a young Egyptian magician's self-promotion of being entombed in a casket and thrown into New York's East River for up to 20 minutes, Houdini created this "Buried Alive" stunt. The master of one-upmanship planned to perform the trick during his 1926 tour in the U. S., and he had already conducted test-runs "Buried Alive." The most notable test was when the master escape artist survived for an hour and a half inside a sealed bronze casket submerged in the pool of the Hotel Sheldon in New York City. In a touch of irony, when Houdini was travelling around the country and displaying the casket he had used for the pool test, he told his wife to have him buried in it should anything happen to him while touring. His dear Bess had to use that same casket to return his body to New York after his unexpected death that same year. This magnificent and very impressive poster was designed and printed with Houdini's personal involvement with the Otis Litho Company of Cleveland, Ohio. However due to his untimely death October 31, 1926, the stunt was never performed. This can easily be viewed as Houdini's last significant lithographed poster. The monumental eight-sheet lithograph measures a wondrous 81-1/4" by 106". It displays captivatingly vivid colors and fabulous design .
NOTE: This original poster is dry mounted on paper rather than linen mounted, which is the way earlier posters used to be mounted prior to the popularity of linen mounting. There are about a dozen small places on this poster where the poster is tearing away from the backing and would need some restoration.



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