Original Marshall Color Changing Plumes

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This is a genuine original Marshall Set of Color Changing Plumes that comes complete in a specially built carrying case, chrome floor stand, and original Marshall instructions SIGNED by Horace Marshall in the fifties. This set is in excellent condition and the case has kept it nice for many years. Since 1954 when first invented, designed and routined by Horace Marshall, no other feather flower effect as been so widely copied asthe original Color Changing Plumes. These have been performed by professionals like Ward Thomas, Dick Gustafson, Neil Foster, Ormond McGill, Harry Collins, Barry Yiengst and many many more.If you are not doing this routine with a good set of our plumes, you missing the boat. Ward Thomas The color changing plumes has added four applauses to my act. What more can you ask for from one effect? Dick Gustafson echoed these sentiments. Once you see the response, you wont take this out of your show. The original and still the very best made.Six beautifully colored plumes are exhibited in an attractive chrome stand. Passing through and unprepared rolled up white paper, they evolve through a series of color changes, each invoking spontaneous applause time after time from the audience. The climax of the routine is red-white-blue plume that is a sure applause cue. Entirely self-contained and worked surrounded and closeup. Furnished with a complete routine and full sized floor stand to give you an attractive freestanding display on stage. Plumes are 18 and filled with loads of long full feathers making them suitable for the largest auditorium. Start and finish with a large colorful display on stage that packs down to next to nothing.



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