Osterlind's 13 Steps DVD Set by Richard Osterlind

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"These DVDs pretty much represent my life’s work in Mentalism!" - Richard Osterlind

Over the years Richard has developed many original ideas for his own professional presentations of mentalism. After a lifetime of study, he realized that much of what he has created tied in with the same format as Corinda’s 13 Steps. This project, in conjunction with Penguin Magic, is an attempt to list all those effects in their appropriate categories. It represents what he considers to be his main contributions to the art.

All 13 lessons are presented together in a deluxe four-DVD box set. In addition to the high quality recording of the teaching, there is also live footage of Richard performing many of the effects in front of a live, studio audience.

Contents include:

I. Approach to Mentalism – Richard’s way of thinking as it pertains to the art

II. Billets – features the PCT and other effects with billets

III. Swami Gimmick – details effects and, perhaps even more importantly, how to prepare the gimmick to make its working foolproof

IV. Playing Cards – features the Breakthrough Card System with the complete workings detailed

V. Book Tests – Richard’s applications on a classic category of mentalism

VI. Blindfolds – features the Solid Steel Blindfold and how to use it effectively

VII. Metal Bending – a subject Richard has been an expert in for over 4 decades

VIII. Stage Routines – features the Magazine Test and Watch Routine

IX. Close Up & Impromptu Routines – effects Richard uses in his professional close-up work

X. Cold Reading – one of the most important aspects of mentalism and Osterlind’s thoughts on this important subject in conjunction with the work of Richard Webster

XI. Q&A Routines – the lifeblood of Richard’s act detailing all the important details

XII. Hypnotism & Suggestion – Richard’s years of experience combined with the works of Ormond McGill

XIII. Muscle Reading – goes hand in hand with our new book on the subject Contact Mind Reading – The Osterlind Approach

The amount of material on this series is ENORMOUS! Total running time is 740 minutes!

This is a series you will study for years!



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