Other Voices by Stanley Burns, Deluxe Signed and Numbered Collector's Edition

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This is the rare deluxe collector's edition of this book. Only 75 copies of this edition were ever printed and each copy is beautifully signed and numbered by Stanley Burns. Book is still in shrinkwrap.Ventriloquism From B.C. to T.V. - Stanley Burns - The insiders' account of legendary stories in the world of ventriloquism. Vintage photos richly illustrate wonders, blunders, mysteries and treasures. Beautiful color posters chronicle the golden days of ventriloquism and feature articles from around the world. Chapters include: From B.C.; World's Oldest Con Game; A Series of Theories; The Fictional Legacy of Valentine Vox; The Birth of The Dummy; The Roots of American Ventriloquism; The Golden Age; Women and Ventriloquism; Fact, Fiction and Film; To T.V.; The Charlie Awards; Every Country Has One; Gospel Ventriloquism; Arti-Facts; P.S. Keep an Eye Out For...; Talk To The Animals; Ventriloquism Enters Politics. Jimmy Nelson says, "Stanley Burns has written the most accurate and entertaining insight into ventriloquism I have ever read."Stanley Burns was considered to be one of the leading professional ventriloquists and magicians. He was the first to develop a radio controlled, remotely operated ventriloquial puppet. His Dr. Lichi, a wizened fellow name after the nut, was the very first one, made in the late 1950's. While providing the ventriloquial voice live, Stanley operated it, moving the mouth and having it turn all by himself in full view of the audience, without assistants, and no one realized he did it solo.The combination of his experiences, impressive collection and dedicated research, formed the basis for his college lectures and served as the foundation for his comprehensive, entertaining, story of ventriloquism which he shares in Other Voices-Ventriloquism from B.C. to T.V. This book shows how ventriloquism went from "antique art to antic art."380 pages, fully photographed and hard-bound with dust jacket, including a full index, bibliography and glossary



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