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Ten years in production, this encyclopedia volume contains the complete advertisements, wonderful artwork, and instructions for more than 175 effects, gimmicks, and props made by the famous Petrie-Lewis Manufacturing company. Plus...Articles by such esteemed magical historians as John Booth and the late Dr. John Henry Grossman, shedding light on the history of the P&L company, the founding of Mysto Manufacturing Company, and the creation of the legendary Mysto Magic Sets. - More than 275 pages profusely illustrated with historic photos- 12 pages of full color photos.The P&L Book is the comprehensive guide to this foremost manufacturer of superbly crafted magical apparatus.This Book is hardbound in gold stamped royal blue cloth with the glow red P&L Mephistophelian face on the cover. A limited edition publication, this is certain to become a prized possession in the coming years.Effect categories included:- Bags- Balls- Bottles, Cans, and Lotas- Candles and Rockets- Cards- Cigarettes- Clocks- Coins- Cups and Bowls- Dice- Firecrackers- Flowers- Funnels- Glasses- Livestock- Matches- Paper and Wood- Pencils and Crayons- Reels and Pulls- Ribbons, Rings, and Rope- Shooting Through a Woman- Silks- Tables- Thimbles- Tubes- Wands- Miscellaneous



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