PaperClip by Sam Fitton - Trick

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This is a new, devastating paperclip bending routine that is sure to warp your mind. It is the most visual metal bending routine on the planet!Read this twice. It is like no other metal bending routine on the planet. EffectYou take a borrowed paperclip from a spectator and ask them to bend it into an 'S' shape. They do so and hand it back to you. You then take the paperclip and immediately begin to bending it at will with the power of your mind. It twists and turns right in front of the spectators eyes. They can see the bend visually form. Until finally it snaps, falling into the spectators awaiting hands. It is immediately examinable and you are clean.If you think this is not practical, think again. This effect is totally impromptu once you have the gimmick on you. Any paperclip, any time, any place, completely angle proof and totally examinable before and after. And there's no switching or sleights! Sounds to good to be true? Good!Comes complete with gimmick and instruction booklet. 



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