Paranormal by Ted Lesley

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Ted Lesley proudly presents a true miracle of ultimate PSI Power! Telekinesis that will leave your audience spellbound! The magician pushes a wooden toothpick into the middle of a matchbox. He then takes folds a small piece of paper into a pyramid shape and places it on the tip of the toothpick so it can rotate freely. After covering everything with a glass, he begins to make magical gestures around the glass, never actually coming in contact with it. Suddenly the paper starts to rotate, very slowly at first, and then picks up momentum! On his command, the revolving stops and the paper starts to rotate in the opposite direction! * Everything can be examined both before and after the effect! * Perform it anytime, anywhere and completely surrounded! * The paper can even be marked with an arrow and used to divine a selected item from objects placed around the glass. * This amazing routine can even be performed with your business card! * Comes complete with all the props, you supply the glass! .



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