Pasteboard Presentations book- #2

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Terry LaGerould is back! Continuing in the tradition of Pasteboard Presentations, this sequel is packed with 17 more card effects straight from Terry's repertoire, including brand-new original effects and classics of magic taken in startling new directions, all perfected over years of performing at major casinos in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno. Contains:Unexpected Royal Victory Ace Shuttle Up the Down Staircase It's All in Your Mind Mental Photography Tell-A-Pathic Gypsies Unforgettable Cardboard Keyboard Traveling Man Cardboard Sobriety Test Jewel Thief Instantane-E-Ace-Ly Illusive Cocktail Gals Carboard Lie Detector Impromptu Invisible Deck Incredible Cardboard Acrobat Spiralbound, 61 pages, fully illustrated.



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