Penn & Teller's Magic & Mystery Tour DVD

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Join the maverick masters of illusion as they trek to China, India, and Egypt, and witness astounding feats of magic and other inexplicable things. Pack your bags and take a funny and unpredictable trip that reveals rarely seen tricks, outrageous characters—and Penn’s true feelings about puppeteers.
Watch as Penn & Teller gawk in amazement at an Indian snake-swallower. See traditional Bengali performers "torture" family members . . . just as local authorities get into the act. Venture to Calcutta for a "performance" of the legendary Indian Rope Trick. Enter the Egyptian tomb at Beni Hassan for a modern "inside" look at the ancient "cups and balls" trick. See how Penn and Teller survive a collision with a hay truck and enjoy a vintage performance in an extremely remote—and extremely cold—village.
Caution: This program contains a few scenes that may not be suitable for the squeamish or faint of heart.



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