Pentacle (Gimmick and DVD) by Craig Petty - DVD

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Pentacle is a collection of routines with a special custom made gimmicked card. Craig Petty, the creator of the Mirage Coin Set, and top rubber band magician Russell Leeds sit down and discuss the Pentacle gimmick and all its applications. There are eleven eye popping routines ranging from packet tricks to full deck effects and more. Also as a special bonus Craig has included a full explanation for his super commercial colour changing deck routine which really has to be seen to be believed. Red / Blue TranspositionA killer two deck routine with loads of built in spectator interaction. Four cards are freely chosen from a red deck and change visibly into their mates from a blue deck. Twisting the CherryA slow motion handling of Dai Vernon's classic Twisting The Aces with a kicker ending that has to be seen to be believed.Mental BlankA combination of mentalism and magic that really makes your spectators eyes pop out. A freely chosen card changes colour on the back and becomes blank on the front whilst held in the spectator's hand. Fast HandsThis effect has been an underground hit for years at Craig's lectures. A great plot with 3 really clever phases and an ending that has been described as one of the most visible pieces of magic ever created. WhitewashOne of the most powerful packet effects you will ever perform. Four cards turn blank in slow motion, first of all on the front and then on the backs. Before the effect begins all four fronts and backs are shown very cleanly. Signed CardA killer combination of Card To Impossible Location and the Hofzinser Ace Problem. This trick never fails to stun any audience and the best part is it uses a regular deck and instantly resets. Underground TranspositionAn instant classic which cleverly combines a four of a kind production with a super visual transposition. The best part is the whole routine is performed in the spectator's hands. Original Cards AcrossFive cards jump from the magician's hands to under the spectator's hand under test conditions. The vanishes are incredibly visual and the spectator holds their cards from the very start of the routine. Cards to PocketCraig has kept this routine to himself for years and is finally releasing it to the magic community. Five cards are signed and one by one travel into your trouser pocket. Your hand is shown empty each time you produce a card. Skittles PackA closely guarded secret for years Craig is now releasing his commercial colour changing deck. A card is signed and lost in the pack and one by one the cards are changed on their backs until you are left with a full Rainbow deck. There is one card however that has a message written on it saying "This is Your Card", which is shown to be the spectators signed card. An absolute miracle. Running Time Approximately - 2hr



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